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We deliver you the information that you need to develop and expand your international business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our focus is on supporting your business – from providing you with the latest facts, news and rules about  Germany, Austria and Switzerland, finding a new business partner - to completing paper work for you in these regions.

We understand how challenging it can be to reach the right person and obtain the right information at the right time - when you need it. The difference in time zones/working days and business practices can also be roadblocks. Often even the websites do not give you the most up-to-date and complete information. Language barriers come in addition - it can be a challenge to obtain the correct information in English or in your language as the officials are fluent in their local language and do not feel comfortable communicating in foreign languages.

We can assist you in these situations so you can be more successful in your business. We are your longer arm in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and support you in growing your international business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Either you require information from individual companies or state/regional authorities we do our best to provide you this information - with Speed!

You want to find out how to establish and grow your international business in Germany, Austria and  Switzerlad or you are searching for a business partner in DACH region - or you are looking for more information about German, Austrian or Swiss business - we will be happy to support you.

In summary, we can help you if you are looking for assistance how to do business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland -

  • Specific Industry Information; for example Automotive, Energy, Food, Healthcare, Technology, or Tourism.
  • Company Info; for example information about the structure, key competencies, responsible contact persons.
  • Product; a specific product and/or its dealership.
  • Potential Business Partner; a suitable business partner to develop your international business in these regions.
  • Regional information; e.g., you are seeking information about  investment possibilities in a particular region; Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt,  Duesseldorf, Berlin, Vienna or Geneva.
  • Legal/Financial advice such as on a financial or legal matter.
  • Latest facts/News on Germany, Austria & Switzerland or a credit rating information of an enterprise in this region.
  • Completion of paper work on your behalf in these countries – of course based on your power of attorney.

We can also get the requested information translated in your preferred language.

We treat your queries with complete discretion and sense of urgency. You receive the requested information within the shortest possible time.  It depends on the nature of your query however generally we are able to give you the requested assistance within 1-2 working days.

We bring the business together - after all, your success is our success!